About Me

Hi! I’m Richard. Thanks for stopping by.  One might refer to me as a “New Monastic” I pray and study all day but I am not cloistered in a monastery.  I do what I do for three reasons: 

1 — I can: I’ve been retired since 2007 (actually since 2003 but some time filler jobs);

2 — This life style gives me solace; I experience much less anxiety in these December years than during my career.  Besides, in my career days my identity was what I did; in 2005 came the challenge of a new self-definition.  The only way to do that was to embrace the loneliness I’d  anesthetized most of my life with position titles, earning symbols of accomplishments and whatever else I could use to avoid taking a good hard look at myself; all of which was like pouring tea into a bottomless cup.   Now my cup seems to fill up, everyday.

3 — I’ve found that there is eternal life here on earth through Ancient wisdom and disciplined practices, which is probably why humans have not already come extinct.  I want to know as much about how to experience the presence of God as I can; it feels a lot better than filling a bottomless cup with tea. 

This site is a work in progress.  It started out as a newsletter and bulletin board for the workshop I was  facilitating.  Now it is just a bulletin board tracking the Liturgical Calendar. It may also serve  future workshops and Maestro Conferencing discussion group sessions.  So stay tuned for happening updates. 

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