Fours Senses of Scripture

Ancient-text (Scripture) is an invitation from God to the feast; it helps us remember Abwoon D’bwashmaya (The birth of unity): our role and  our destiny.

“According to monastic tradition, [the deepened] understanding of scripture unfolds in four stages, commonly known as the four senses of scripture.  They are the milestones on the journey to unitive understanding.   While the various monastic orders diverge in their nomenclature for the two middle stages, the basic scenario is the same.”  (Cynthia Bourgeault)

Stage 1: The first of the four senses

Stage 2: The second of the four senses

Stage 3: The third of the four senses

Stage 4: The fourth sense

So, moving through the stages is what we are actually called to do.  One christian aid to this journey is lectio divina.  There are others.

Beverly Lanzetta’ s notion of prayer is a bit beyond scripture, as we normally think of it, but it is, none the less,  transportation to unity: All Life is Prayer.

This all says to me how inclusive God is, by any name, be it the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit.  All of us sinners are invited to the feast!