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Almighty God, whose son our Savior Jesus Christ is the light of the world: Grant that your people, illumined by your Word and Sacraments, may shine with the radiance of Christ’s glory, that he be known, worshiped, and, obeyed  to the ends of the earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord , who with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, lives and reigns now and forever. Amen

Isaiah 49:1-7 . . . the servant of the Lord reflects moving of his mission – its sorrows and frustrations – and God’s high calling and promise to be with him.
Psalm 40:1-1 1 . . . A prayer of deliverance and a son of thanksgiving.
Corinthians 0119 . . . Paul greets the members of the new Christian community in Corinth and offers thanksgiving for their growth in Christ
John 1:29-42 . . . Joh the Baptist declares who Jesus is.  The next day two of John’s followers become disciples of Jesus.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Irish rock band U2’s song lyrics, “I have climbed highest mountain, I have run through the fields…but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, ” begins Jim Somerville, pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church and Co-Founder of A Sermon for Every Sunday. Somerville continues, in today’s gospel reading.   Jesus asks the question directly, “What are you looking for?” If you cannot answer this question or even if you think you have it figured out, listen as Somerville explores this question and gives his opinion on how to answer this age-old question.

The First Sunday After the Epiphany: The Baptism of the Lord


Father in heaven, who at the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan proclaimed him your beloved Son and anointed him with the Holy Spirit: Grant that all who are baptized into his Name may keep the covenant they have made, and boldly confess him as Lord and Savior; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, in glory everlasting.  Amen.

Isaiah 42:1-9 . . . the mission of the Lord’s servant, the one whom God has chosen to bring forth justice and salvation
Psalm 29 . . . God is like a mighty thunderstorm
Acts 10:34-45 . . . Peter recognizes that good news, which Jesus began to proclaim after his baptism, now extends to all people.
Matthew 3:13-17 . . . the story of Jesus’ baptism
Sermon . . .

Dr. Jim Somerville, Pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church and Co-Founder of A Sermon for Every Sunday, summarizes the account of Jesus’s birth according to the gospel of Matthew. Then he focuses on verse 17 of today’s passage, “And a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.’” At this point, Jesus has done nothing to please or displease God. Yet God still chooses him, his beloved son, to fulfill God’s mission. Have you ever thought of yourself in light of today’s passage? Listen as Somerville explores how our identity is found in Christ’s identity as God’s chosen, beloved son of God